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SSkypipe Charts of our Galactic Background Radiation
Showing Movement of the Galactic Hump Over T
Animated GB

The Galactic background is relativistic noise generated by our galaxy that we can detect and listen to with our amateur radio telescopes and visualize in our Skypipe charts. Exactly what are we hearing and seeing in our Skypipe charts? The five Skypipe charts are shown below for further study. As you can see, as days and months pass by the galactic hump (an increase in noise temperature) (Blue Arrow) moves to a different time. Each chart represents a 24 hour (one day) period from left to right. The movement is the same movement that we see when observing our galaxy (The Milky Way) in the night sky over the same period of weeks and months. Our Sun - in fact, our whole solar system orbits around the center of the Milky Way.

The Skypipe charts are from a Radio Jove R1.1 receiver and Jove Dual Dipoles at a frequency of 20.1 MHz.

Galaxy 1 GB5





^^^^^^^^ Quiet Night Time ^^^^^| ^^^^^^^^^Day Time^^^^^^^^

Next we see a 24 month view of Skypipe charts by Dave Typinsky in 2014/2015.