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Best Basic Electronics course on the internet>HERE<


555 Timer - http://www.williamson-labs.com/480_555.htm
555 Timer Tutorials

8052.com - http://www.8052.com
Online resources for 8052 and compatible microcontroller including tutorials, FAQ and code library.

Antenna and microwave engineering tutorials - http://www.ee.surrey.ac.uk/People/D.Jefferies/
Collection of teaching pages for general access

Basic Electronics -Techlearner - http://www.techlearner.com
Teaches the basics of electronics, provides related links and application notes.

Basic Electronics - http://science-ebooks.com/electronics/basic_electronics.htm
Basic Electronics is an online E-book covering subjects from ohms law to logic circuits. Lots of animation and troubleshooting simulations included.

Basic Electronics: Alan Felzer Classes - http://www.csupomona.edu/~apfelzer/
Classes in basic electronics, circuit analysis, discrete systems in PDF format and interactive computer demos.

Cable Impendance - http://www.epanorama.net/documents/wiring/cable_impedance.html
Describes what is cable characteristic impendance and how to calculate it.

Capacitors - http://www.williamson-labs.com/480_rlc-c.htm
Capacitors: What are they good for?

Circuit analysis tutorial - http://www.circuit-magic.com/laws.htm
Basic electrical laws and circuits analysis techniques.

Circuit Design - http://www.mitedu.freeserve.co.uk/Design/design.htm
Tutorial on circuit design techniques and building blocks.

Circuits - Bowden's Hobby Circuits - http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/Bill_Bowden/
A small collection of electronic circuits for the hobbyist or student. Site includes over 100 circuit diagrams, links to related sites, commercial kits and projects, newsgroups and educational areas.

Circuits: All About Circuits - http://www.allaboutcircuits.com
Offers a guide to electricity and electronics.

Communications - http://www.williamson-labs.com/480_com.htm
Tutorial Overview of Electronic Communications

Computer MODS, PIC -VEYS - http://www.veys.com
Computer modifications, PIC projects and many tutorials.

Convolutional Coding with Viterbi Decoding - http://pweb.netcom.com/~chip.f/Viterbi.html
Describes commonly used forward-error-correction algorithms used in wireless communications. Provides a worked-out example and C-language simulation source code for a digital communications link using the algorithms.

DC Circuits: University of Guelph - http://www.physics.uoguelph.ca/tutorials/ohm/index.html
DC Circuits Tutorial

Digital - Introductory Digital Electronics - http://www.hkstar.com/~hkiedsci
Course designed for high school science students.

Digital Logic - http://www.williamson-labs.com/480_logic.htm
Tutorials Fundamentals of Digital Logic

Digital: High-Speed Digital Design - http://www.sigcon.com/
Signal Integrity workshops taught Dr. Howard Johnson

Digitallab - http://www.digitallab.uni.cc
Electrical and electronics engineering resources - analog and digital circuit tutorials, glossary, and directory.

Electrical basics of data transmission - http://www.tml.hut.fi/Opinnot/Tik-110.250/1999/Kalvot/vemppa195/
Slide show tutorial.

Electrical EngineeringTutorials for EEs - http://members.tripod.com/michaelgellis/tutorial.html
Mixers, Directional Couplers, Bartlett's Bisection Theorem, Constant Current Sources, and Phase-Locked Loop.

Electricity: GCSE Physics Tutorials on Electricity - http://www.gcse.com/electricity.htm
Basic circuit theory as part of an extensive Physics site.

Electronics for Beginners - http://ourworld.cs.com/gknott5413
Tutorials on basic electronics, circuit theory, components and design ideas.

EMC - http://www.williamson-labs.com/480_emc.htm
Tutorial on Electro-Magnetic Compatibility

Energy/Alternatives: PicoTurbine - http://www.picoturbine.com/
Renewable Energy: Windmill and Solar Projects

Filter - Designing & Implementing Active BP filter - http://ite.gmu.edu/~aaljassa/ece464/project.html
Shows design procedure and implementation of an active band-pass filter.

Frequency Control: IEEE Tutorials on Frequency Control - http://www.ieee-uffc.org/index.asp?page=freqcontrol/fc_reference.html&Part=5#tutor
Reference materials and tutorials on frequency control, quartz crystal resonators and oscillators, piezoelectric sensors, and timekeeping.

How does a RF receiver work ? - http://www.4p8.com/eric.brasseur/receiv.html
How do radio receivers manage to communicate over huge distances? An explanation of the fundamental mechanism.

How Electronic Devices Work - http://www.howstuffworks.com/category-electronics.htm
Basic introduction to a variety of electronics technology applications targeted for the layperson.

How Memory Works - http://www.xtronics.com/memory/how_memory-works.htm
Describes basic things like addressing, multiplexing and contains troubleshooting guide.

How Stuff Works: Digital Clock - http://www.howstuffworks.com/digital-clock.htm
Informative illustrated guide to how Digital Clocks operate including instructions describing how to build your own.

How Stuff Works: Digital Logic Circuits - http://www.howstuffworks.com/digital-electronics.htm
Graphical tutorial describes how you can build digital logic circuits using 7400 series TTL gates.

How Stuff Works: How Radio Works - http://www.howstuffworks.com/radio.htm
Explains radio operation basics, transmitters, receivers and antennas.

How Stuff Works: Stereolithography - http://www.howstuffworks.com/stereolith.htm
Describes how to build 3D plastic prototypes almost as easily as printing something on a sheet of paper.

Inductors - http://www.williamson-labs.com/480_rlc-l.htm
Inductors: What are they good for?

Interactive Electronic Circuit Simulations - http://www.inform.umd.edu/EdRes/Topic/Chemistry/ChemConference/Software/ElectroSim
A collection of real-time, theory-based interactive simulations of some simple electronic circuits. (For Macintosh.)

Microcontroller Page - http://www.enel.ucalgary.ca/~patterso
PIC programming tutorials, projects, ideas and links for the beginner to the advanced.

Microcontroller, The Basics of Programming and Using a PIC Microcontroller - http://oak.cats.ohiou.edu/~db283101/pichowto.html
This is a guide to help those who are familiar with electronics and writing PIC microcontroller software to program and use them at home.

Ohm's Law - http://www.lerc.nasa.gov/Other_Groups/K-12/Sample_Projects/Ohms_Law/ohmslaw.html
NASA Ohms Law Tutorial

OpAmps - http://www.williamson-labs.com/480_opam.htm
Operational Amplifiers Use & Operation

Oscilloscope Tutorials - http://oscilloscope-tutorials.com
Basic overview of all the controls used in a typical osciloscope and how to set it up. Provides circuit diagrams, output graphs and formulas.

Oscilloscope - http://www.virtual-oscilloscope.com
Interactive simulation of an analogue oscilloscope. Requires Macromedia Shockwave.

PCB PWB Printed Circuit Boards - http://www.DMGengineering.com
PCB PWB training courses & seminars

PIC: Gerdes System Technology - http://www.gsystech.de
Describes Pic microcontroller projects for motor control, chargers, and maximum power point (MPP) solar applications.

Power Electronics Educator - http://www.e-shikshalaya.com/
Covers basic electrical engineering through fifteen different but inter connected Web sites on power electronics.

Prototyping - http://www.williamson-labs.com/480_prot.htm
Prototyping/Breadboarding Tutorial

Radio Electronics - http://www.radio-electronics.com
Information and tutorials about all aspects of radio and related electronics components.

Resistors - http://www.williamson-labs.com/resistors.htm
Basics: Resistors

RF Domain - http://www.rfdomain.com/
Continuing education software for designers and managers involved in RF, microwave and wireless component, subsystem and system engineering. Pricing and contact email address provided.

Solar Collectors: Red Rock Energy Heliostats - http://www.redrok.com/
High Powered Heliostat Array Concentrating Solar Collectors

Sonic Doppler Effect - http://www.explorescience.com/soundwav.htm

TI TUSB3210 mailing list - http://listserv.telos.de/cgi/listinfo/tusb3210
Discussion forum for developers interested in the TI TUSB3210 microcontroller.

Transistors - http://www.williamson-labs.com/480_xtor.htm
transistors tutorials,

Williamson Labs - http://www.williamson-labs.com/
Offers an extensive range of electronics tutorials online.

XYZ's of Oscilloscopes - http://www.tek.com/Measurement/App_Notes/XYZs/
Tektronix guide describing how oscilloscope works and how to take simple measurements.


Outstanding Electronics Tutorials

CMOS Phase-Locked Loops Operational Amplifiers
Newest Tutorials

A Nice uA741 History and Tutorial

555 Timer Tutorial

Nonlinear CircuitsSemiconductor Testing & Curve Tracers

ISDN Tutorial

Title: Electro Tech Forums (Great place to ask your questions about electronics.)

URL: http://www.electro-tech-online.com

Projects URL: http://www.electro-tech-online.com/viewforum.php?f=7

Description: Electronics, electronic circuits, electronic plans, electronic diagrams, electronics forums and more.

Miscellaneous sites.

How Does a Receiver Work?
DC Circuits 
http://www.physics.uoguelph.ca/tutorials/ohm/index.html http://www.lerc.nasa.gov/Other_Groups/K-12/Sample_Projects/Ohms_Law/ohmslaw.html
Free Electronic Tutorials  http://www.williamson-labs.com/

This isn't electronics but certainly interesting!

  Old Time Radio
Strange Shuttle UFO Images  http://www.williamson-labs.com/ufo.htm
This isn't electronics but certainly interesting!

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