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ARRL Amateur Radio Handbook:
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ARRL 2000 Handbook  for Radio Amateurs
(77th Edition)

 The 2000 ARRL Handbook is ready for ordering today - ships starting  November 1999.

Since 1926, The Handbook has served hams and professional engineers as THE STANDARD for applied electronics and communications information. This Seventy-Seventh Edition includes 30 chapters (1,200 pages!) with more new technical reference and projects: a 1500-W linear amplifier for 6 meters; a versatile two-radio computer-controlled switchbox; sophisticated output filters for power amplifiers; an expanded section on HF mobile antennas; detailed coverage of the hottest new mode--PSK31; and a clever homebrew vacuum operated pick-and-place SMD component handler. Includes PC templates. The ARRL Handbook is written and edited by radio amateurs for anyone with an interest in communications!

REVIEW:  This SPECIAL edition is the best and most informative book ever published in communications and applied electronics!  This is the bible for all amateur radio operators, those studying for amateur radio FCC license tests, and anyone interested in basic electronics.  This handbook is the ultimate source of radio communications and electronics information.  More projects, antennas, and easy-to-read explanations of fundamental theory.  Comprehensive, straightforward treatment of nearly every mode and device used by radio amateurs.  Includes one-evening projects! 

I hope you will add this fine book to your collection and enjoy it as much as I have. 

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