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Exploring With the Microscope : A Book of Discovery & Learning (Book of Discovery & Learning) 

REVIEW:  This book is appropriate for all ages.   Feel free to read the reviews written by others by clicking on the "Read more about this title" above.  In my opinion, this book is the best currently available.  It has the right amount of necessary technical information and practical "How To" steps for the amateur microscope enthusiast.  It is detailed enough for adults but well explained for younger readers.  Admittedly, a small portion of the material may be scanned by some (technical optics and microscope construction) rather than read in detail.  But I believe even that section is very necessary information for a complete understanding of the operation and handling of a microscope.  Mr. Nachtigall's advice is excellent, informative, interesting, and entertaining.  The writing style is very readable by everyone.  The photomicrographs are wonderful, even in the less expensive paperback edition.  Chapter headings are:  The Microscope; Optics; Illumination; Photomicrophotography; Drawing and Measuring; The World of Plants; The Animal Kingdom; Inorganic Structures; Aquatic Microorganisms; and Appendixes.  The 160 page book is available here in the US, through Amazon books, (just click on the titles above), and is distributed by Sterling Publishing in Canada, and in Great Britain and Europe by Cassell PLC Wellington House, 125 Strand, London WC2R OBB, England.

I hope you will add this fine book to your collection and enjoy it as much as I have.  Click on the title above for more information or to order a copy from Amazon books.

For the young and young adult readers my suggested book is:

The Microscope Book 

This book is a larger formatted book of 80 pages.  It contains high quality photomicrographs as well as entertaining cartoon drawings to illustrate important points and entertain the younger folks.  It contains all the necessary components however of simplified optics, microscope construction, handling and many very interesting experiments and projects for children and young adults.   The chapter headings are as follows:  Preface/Introduction; Light, Lenses & Microscopes; Biology; Geology; Forensic Science; and Food & the Environment.   I enjoy this book as well.

You can order the books by clicking on the book title.



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