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WebMolecules - Requires Chime Plug-in to view molecules

Hundreds of Tutorials for High School Chemistry - Every subject you can think of is here

Chemistry Resources fot Students and Teachers http://www.chemtopics.com/

The follow group of links kindly provided by:
Steve Lower - SFU Chemistry - Burnaby/Vancouver Canada (retired)

All about chemical bonding              http://www.chem1.com/acad/webtext/chembond/
Primer on quantum theory of the atom      http://www.chem1.com/acad/webtut/qprimer/
Acid-base without algebra  http://www.chem1.com/acad/webtut/aquatic/ABG-ind.html
Fall of the proton  http://www.chem1.com/acad/webtut/aquatic/FallProt.html
What is pseudoscience?  http://www.chem1.com/acad/sci/pseudosci.html
General Chemistry: starting points for students          http://www.chem1.com/chemed/genchem.html
Acids - Why Acids React With Bases (Simon Fraser University - Lower)

Resources for Chemistry Education:

Acids and Bases - Properties (Seely)
Acids and Bases (University of British Columbia)

ALICE (Active Learning in Chemistry Education)

Alloys (Seely)

American Plastics Council

Amino Acid

Analytical Chemistry Links (Comprehensive)

AP Chemistry Cards - Print from Adobe Print Icon

Atoms (Rader New Media)

Bad Chemistry (Princeton Section of the American Chemical Society - Lehmann)

Basics of Chemistry (Warner)

Best Chemistry Information on the Net
Brookhaven National Laboratories 
Carmen Giunta's Classic Chemistry Page

Chemical Bonding (Simon Fraser University - Lower)

Chemical Reactions (Rader New Media)

Chemistry - Drill on Elements (Infobahn Xpress)

Chemistry 1 (Glencoe)

Chemistry 101 - Online Textbook (Bishop, Shih, and Adeboji)

Chemistry 2 (Glencoe)

Chemistry Appreciation (American Chemical Society)

Chemistry Bonding Images

Chemistry Curriculum (Aldridge)

Chemistry for Kids (Rader New Media)

Chemistry Labs and Demonstrations 1 (Gormley)

Chemistry Labs and Demonstrations 2 (Gormley)

Chemistry Lessons and Resources (Guch)

Chemistry Principles (Spectrum)
Chemistry Projects by Grade Level (University of Michigan)

Chemistry Resources (AOL - Academic Assistance Center)

Chemistry Resources (ChemCAI)

Chemistry Resources (Irgum)

Chemistry Resources (Wright)

Chemistry Search Engine (Bishop, Shih, and Adeboji)

Chemistry Teaching Resources

Chemistry Virginia Tec

Egerton ExporeIt Center

Elemental Discoveries

Elements - Periodic Table (University of Sheffield - Winter)

Elements - Periodic Table of Elements (Dayah)

Elements (Rader New Media)

Entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics (Occidental College - Lambert)

Fun Science Gallery

Hillsdale/Lenawee/Monroe Math-Science Center

Human Anatomy Online

Instrumental Methods for Chemistr
Journal of Chemical Education

Links for Chemists

M&M Software
Mad Scientist's Network
Martindale's Virtual Chemistry Center
Matter (Rader New Media)
Meiofauna:  The Microscopic World

Molecules (Molecular Arts Corp.)

MovieMol--An easy to use Molecular Display and Animation Program

Mulit Chem

National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)

NCSA Chem Vis

NickNacks: Learning Together Around the World

NIST Chemistry Webbook

Nova Science Center

Nutrients of Foods

Okanagan University Dept. of Chemistry Homepage

Osmosis - Reverse Osmosis and Osmotic Pressure (Lachish)

Oxidation-Reduction or Redox (Simon Fraser University - Lower)

Periodic Table Illustrator (PTVis)

Periodic Table of Elements (Winter)

Problem Solving Activities in Chemistry

Problem Solving Steps (Okanagan University College - Woodcock)

Protein Synthesis - Animation

Quantum Primer (Simon Fraser University - Lower)

Reference Information (Towson University - Ladon)

Robert Kern Curtis's Physics Stuff

Rockets - Make a Bubble-Powered Rocket (NASA - Jet Propulsion Lab)

Salters Chemistry Club Handbook

Santa Barbara Science

Second Law

Software and Other Resources for Chemistry Teachers (Couteur)

Synonyms of Chemicals (Seely


Teachers Helping Teachers

Teaching Biology with Technology

Telementoring in Chemistry

The Bohr Model of the Atom

The Catalyst -  A Chemistry Resource

The Chemistry Center

The Chemistry Place

The Chemistry Tutor - Homework help

The Scientific Method

The WHY Files

Tutor 2000

VIDEO - CHEMISTRY Training Materials
Web Resorces for Fundamentals of Chemistry

Wilton High School Chemistry

Women in Science

World Wide Web Curriculum Resources

General Chemistry Help

Periodic Tables


Tools and Literature | Green Chemistry | US EPA
Experiencing Chemistry at OMSI: Chemistry Tools
Chemicool Periodic Table
Atmospheric Chemistry
CL-1: Field-tested Learning Assessment Guide (FLAG): Tools
CHEMIX School - Download CHEMIX School - CHEMIX School - Learning 
Web Developments and Tools for Chemistry
Online Software Tools - Chemistry
Internet Tools, Chemistry Department
Organic Chemistry Toolkit
Career Services - Your Resource for Career Management
Study Help & Study Tools - Chemistry, Math, Physics
GateWay Library: Research Tools: Chemistry Pathfinder
Chemistry: Periodic Table and More
Chemistry Visualization Program at NCSA (ChemViz)
NKU SAACS/GSE - Chemistry Tools
Spektroskopische Tools/Spectroscopic Tools :: Steffen's Science
EniG. Tools - Download page
SAL- Other Scientific Fields - Chemistry, Biology & Related
Software for Chemistry Learning - CHEMIX
Chemistry & Physics Library - University Libraries - University of 
Menus in View Compound Workbench
Advanced Chemistry Development for Academia
Diversity in Chemistry - Tools and Strategies
cen-chemjobs: Quality Jobs, Quality Chemists; Your chemistry job site
Chemistry - RTI International


Basic Organic Nomenclature 
Biomolecular Structures

Biophysical Chemistry Virtual Classroom

Boron Mediated Aldol Reaction
4-Computers in Chemistry at Cabrillo College
hangChem CAL in Chemistry

Chem Web Online
ChemCai Tutorial Material on Specific Topics

Chemical Calculators

Chemical Information Instructional Materials

Chemiluminescence Home Page

Chemistry 101 Online

Chemistry 103 - From Caveman to Chemist

Chemistry at Hofstra

Chemistry Hypermedia Project at Virginia Tech

Chemistry in Context

Chimie Generale & Organique

Computational Chemistry and Organic Synthesis

Computational Chemistry Project

Concepts in Science Through Molecular Modeling

CPIMA Education Outreach Program

Cyniska Calypso Projects

Diamond, Buckyballs, and Graphite

Digital Text Materials

Edison Project For Communicating Chemistry

Educational Materials for Organic Chemistry (EMOC)

Fundamentals of Drug Action

General Chemistry
General Chemistry
General Chemistry at Widener University  
General chemistry course at Boston University
General Chemistry I - A Virtual Textbook   
Global Instructional Chemistry
Helping Your Child Learn Science
The HPLC Troubleshooter Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry - Introduction
Instructional Home Page

Instrumental Analysis

Introduction à la Chimie Quantique

Introduction to Organic Chemistry

Introduction to Surface Chemistry

Kemsite - A Collection of Modules for College and Physical Chemistry

Kiwi Web

ife, the Universe, and the Electron

Mark's Chemistry Tutor

Microphys On-Line Catalog

Microworlds - Materials Chemistry for Teachers

Mol4D: Molecules in four dimensions

Mr. Guch's Cavalcade o' Chemistry

Multimedia Education Laboratory

NEEDS - National Engineering Education Delivery System

NMR Analysis using Hyperactive Molecules and the World-Wide Web

NMR Tutor

Non Classical Hydrogen Bonding in Chiral Recognition and Mechanism

Online Introductory Chemistry

On-line Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry OnLine

Phylogeny Metabolism Alignments


PLC - Polymers and Liquid Crystals

Polymer Chemistry Hypertext

Principles of Chemistry

Principles of Protein Structure

Quick Review of Basic Chemistry

Radiation and Radioactivity

Science and Chemistry Education Is Golden

Statistics for the Chemistry Laboratory

Teaching Materials

The A thru E Approach to Problem Solving in Chemistry

The Acid and Base pH Tutorial

The Chem Team - A Tutorial for High School Chemistry

The Learning Matters of Chemistry

The Macrogalleria

The Organometallic HyperTextBook

The Particle Adventure

The pH Factor

The Phytochemical World

The Second Law of Thermodymnamics

Scientific Glassblowing Basics
The Squier Group - Education

The World of Materials Engineering

Thermodynamic Assessment of the Ba-Cu-Y System

Topic Oriented Approach Development

Tutorials for GCSE Chemistry

Understanding our Planet Through Chemistry

University of West Indies

Virtual Chemistry Classroom at Univ of North Dakota

Virtual Classroom at the University of Akron

What is pH?
World Chemistry Interactive
World Lecture Hall: Chemistry


ChemLab - Finest Chemistry Laboratory Simulation Software available. FREE evaluation copy can be downloaded HERE.    

Computational Resources on the WWW - Links

EMSL Gaussian Basis Set Interactive Information Online
FREE - Molecular Modeling Software
Ph Calculator

Oxford Molecular Group:computer-aided chemistry and bioinformatics software.


Science Sites



Tom's Free Chemistry Software
Tom's Free Chemistry Software
Chemistry Teaching Resources - Software for Chemistry
Download ACD/Labs Freeware
Bio-Rad Laboratories
Chemistry Software and Science Teaching Resources
PSIgate - Physical Sciences Information Gateway: Search/Browse Results
ChemSW Chemistry Software for Windows
Chemistry Freeware Page
Windows Educational Software & Shareware from Chemware

William L. Jorgensen Research Group - Software
Google Directory - Science > Chemistry > Software > Directories
Chemical Search Engine: Newsletter 57
Category:Computational chemistry software - Wikipedia, the free
Analytical Chemistry Software & Computer Programs
Hyleos : Free Chemistry Software
Download Software
Computational Chemistry Resources on the WWW

2D Structure Converter, 3D Model Converter, and other free software

Advanced Chemistry Development: Chemsketch and other products

Atoms, Symbols and Equations

BK Periodic Library

Bohr Atom , The


Chemical Engineering Software

Chemical process calculator with thermodynamics database

CHEMiCALC, The Chemists' Calculator!

Chemistry Animation Project at CalTech , The

Chemistry Software from U. of Kentucky (Rob Toreki)

Chemistry True Type Font

ChemLab, chemistry lab simulation for Windows and Mac

ChemSketch 3.5

ChemWeb - free chemical structure drawing tool for HTML documents

ChemWindow 6, From Bio-Rad Laboratories

Cherwell Scientific Publishing: scientific software

Chime, free molecule display browser plugin

CS ChemOffice Net (free molecular model viewer)

CTI Centre for Chemistry Software Catalogue

Downloadable Macintosh science software, including chemistry

Ed Tech Tools for teachers

Falcon Software, chemistry education software

Free Desktop and Web-based IUPAC Naming software

Galactic Software, Spectroscopy Software Solutions

HyperChem molecular modeling software for Windows

IBM-PC-based interfacing hardware and probes for chemistry

Interactive Simulations for Analytical Chemistry Instruction 

ISIS/Draw, free structure drawing program

JChem, a chemical database building tool for developers

Journal of Chemical Education Online

Learning Matters of Chemistry, The

LOGAL Software Home Page

Marvin, Java applets for drawing and displaying structures in web browsers

MathCad in Chemistry

Molecules-3D, Web Edition

MoluCAD, a new molecular animation application.

MS Wizard, IR Wizard, NMR wizard, etc.

Multimedia from Archipelago

Official Gaussian Home Page, The

Organic Synthetic Method Computer Database (Free demo)

Periodic Table for Schools

PolyChem, chemistry teaching software

PTViz: Free Periodic Table Illustrator software for Mac

RASMOL, displays rotatable 3D models of molecules

SCULPT, has been acquired by MDLI.

Sheffield chemistry software archive (Macintosh), The

Software for Introductory Chemistry

Software Reviews from the CTI Centre for Chemistry

SPECTRUM, freeware signal processing tool and tutorial package

Steve Lower's ChemCAI: Instructional Software for Chemistry

Study Aids from U. of Kentucky

Tim Allen's Chemistry programs

Tom Kuppens' Chemistry Software Reference

Wavefunction, Inc. (Spartan and MacSpartan software)

WebLab molecular 3D Viewer

CHEMLAB  Chem12a.zip http://modelscience.com/products.html

CHEMICAL SYNTHESIZER  chmmkr10.zip  ftp://ftp.rediris.es/mirror/simtelnet/win3/chem/chmmkr10.zip

KINETICS  kinet10.zip  ftp://ftp.upc.es/pub/coast/win3/educate/kinet10.zip

GASSIM  Gas302.zip  ftp://ftp.thenet.co.uk/pub/PC/Windows/science/misc/gas302.zip

CHEMTOOLS  Chemte.zip  http://www.compuchem.com/download.htm

VIBRATIONS for WINDOWS  Winvibes.zip   ftp://ftp.euro.net/d3/Windows/cica/misc/winvibes.zip

KINETICUS  kintw95.zip   ftp://ftp.osc.edu/pub/chemistry/software/MS-DOS/kintecus/

GASLAW  gaslaw10.zip  http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/9687/

Polychem  It programs interactive on the laboratory.  http://www.tekotago.ac.nz/edtech/ChemPage/POLYCHEM.HTM

LabView  Instrumentation controller  http://www.natinst.com/labview/

Gepasi  Shammer of chemical kinetics  http://gepasi.dbs.aber.ac.uk/softw/gepasi.html


Biochemical  http://www.infochem.co.uk/software/bio/index.htm
Chemical Databases 
Education and Training 
LIMS Packages
Molecular Modeling 
MSDS / Safety  http://www.infochem.co.uk/software/safety/index.htm

Orbital Files
SETUPOV.EXE Orbital Viewer for Windows 3.x, Windows95, and WindowsNT. This can display any atomic or molecular orbital. Lots of options, including cutaways, animations, stereo viewing, and vrml output. 590 kb. Orbital Viewer home page.
OV.PDF Complete documentation on the features of Orbital Viewer, including mathematics and file formats. 1820 kb.
EXAMPLES.ZIP All the .ORB files for the figures in the manual. 74 kb.
ORB386.EXE The command line version of Orbital Viewer for MS-DOS machines with a 386 processor or better. See OV.PDF for the input file format. 150 kb
ORBWIN.EXE The command line version of Orbital Viewer for Windows95 machines. See OV.PDF for the input file format. 134 kb
MPEG Animations
5D0.MPG All of these animations are of atomic electron orbitals. These represent a volume of space in which there is a certain probability that an electron will exist. They are computed from Schrodinger's Equation. Please email me for more information about orbitals. You will need an MPEG viewer to look at these. I have many more animations than the ones available here. These range from 500 to 750 kb




Chemistry Lessons (Ponder Chemistry)
Chemistry Teaching Resources - LINKS (Umea University)
Classroom Management 101 (Education World)
Comprehensive (250+) High School Chemistry Links (Samuel E. Wenger)
Effective Classroom Management (Education World)
eTOYS Science And Nature
Experiment:  Rapid Crystallization (Space Team Online)
General - Lesson Plans (Homework Central)
Home Training Supplies - Chemicals, Laboratory Equipment, etc.
Internet Resources by Subject  (Awesome Library)
K-12 Lesson Plans (Awesome Library)
LARGE list of Relevant (High School) Chemistry Resources on the Web
Large List of Resource Sties
Large Listing of Case Studies for Teachers
Large Listing of Teachers Participating in Case Studies
Manuscripts and Electronic Texts (Chemistry)
One Way to Teach the Mole Concept (Ponder Chemistry)
Other Case Study Sites on the WWW
Scientific Papers as a Teaching Aid
Teachers Features
Teaching Chemistry (Excellent)
(Dyann K. Schmidel, Ph.D.)
Teaching Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry (University Level)
Teaching Resources from the History of Science
The National Science Teachers Association - NSTA
Tons of Great Teachers Sites (Education World)

The Catalyst: Chemistry Resources for Teachers

Chem Web Online

ChemCom: Chemistry in the Community Home Page
Chemical Heritage Foundation
Chemicool Periodic Table
Chemistry Concepts
CHEMystery: An Interactive Guide To Chemistry
Elemental Discoveries
The George Lucas Educational Foundation
Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements
Journal of Chemical Education Online
MadSci Network: The 24-hour Exploding Laboratory
Miami Museum of Science: The pH Factor
The Mole Hole
Mr. Guch's Cavalcade o' Chemistry
Ozone Depletion Home Page
Science Teachers' Resource Center
Science Is Fun in the Lab of Shakashiri
WebElements Periodic Table of the Elements



Compressible Aerodynamics Calculator
Fluid Flow Calculations
Gallery of Fluid Dynamics
Mechanical Engineering



American Association for Clinical Chemistry 
Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine 
Clinical Chemistry Case Studies 
Clinical Chemistry Laboratory 
Clinical Chemistry Sequence Page 
Creatinine Clearance Calculator 
Dade Behring Online 
General Pathology Images
Histotechnoloogy Tutorials
Laboratory Exercises for Pathology
Links of Interest in Clinical Chemistry 
Online Clinical Calculator 

Organic Chemistry LINKS!!

Oxford Medical Informatics 
The Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists Web Site
Advanced Clinical Chemistry Lecture

Advanced Clinical Chemistry Lecture
Advanced Clinical Chemistry -- index
Michigan State University CLS/MT Program
RIT MS in Clinical Chemistry
Clinical Chemistry MS
Course Chemistry
Valdes Laboratories - Clinical Chemistry Fellowship



ATSDR - Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry


Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology
Introduction to Applied Toxicology
Medical, Clinical & Occupational Toxicology Resource Home Page
Naval Health Research Center - Toxicology
NESCAUM - Why do we need clean air?
Online Toxicology Multimedia, Discussion Groups, and more
Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC)
Toxicology and Poisoning Links 
Toxicology Information Briefs - Search Engine for Topics
TOXNET Web Search - Data, Literature, Research, etc.
University of Kentucky - WWW Toxicology Site Listing


Mr. Guch's Cavalcade o' Chemistry - Help for students, resources 
Sites to help students practice skills needed for the Chemistry exam
General Chemistry: starting points for students
Chemistry Web Resources
High School Ace
BJ Pinchbeck offers science homework help, kids' homework help and
Links to a Better Education
Chemistry software to help chemistry students
FAQs - Answers to Questions Frequently Asked by Chemistry Students

NOTE:  The following WWW links on this page will take you directly to the various web site pages.  Your browser URL address line will tell you the origin of the site.

Following links table  from Wilton High School

Laboratory Report Lab Safety Guidelines 1998 Lab Safety  Laboratory Fee Schedules Lab Data Density Unit Test The Mole Lecture Lab
Stoichiometry 1: Mass ratio Moles/Mass Wrksht/Sprdsht  Dimensional Analysis  The method  Conversion Formulas  Local Units Good/Bad of this Format
Stoichiometry 2: Mole ratio Hydrate Lab Conference Stoichiometry 4 Classification in Chemistry Bonding Periodic Table The Elements
Stoichiometry 3: Reactant... Temperature  Pressure  Volume  Moles Temperature Scales Two Worlds of Chemistry
Stoichiometry 4 The Candy Lab Hydrate Lab Experiments English class periodic table? Dimensional Analysis-Set Mole Lecture Notes  
Bohr Theory Assumptions Bohr Theory  Derivation Bohr Theory Worksheet Quantum Numbers  Acids and Bases Electrolytes Arhennius Theory
Bronsted Theory  Lewis Theory Oxidation  Worksheet-1 Oxidation Worksheet-2 Oxidation  WS Ans Oxidation  WS-2 Ans Bal Eq by  Counting 
Bal Equations Worksheet Bal Equations Answers Algebraic Methods Oxidation Reduction Electro - negativities Worksheet Answers
Redox Eq Acidic/ Basic Valence Bond Mode#1 Worksheet 2 Worksheet 3 Worksheet 4 Worksheet 5 Lewis Dot Structure
Lewis Dot Struct..ACTH Protein Synthesis Amino Acids  Christmas Story Yellow Lab Contest Contest Winner  

Classification Schemes, Atomic Structure, Electronic Structures, Nomenclature, Bonding: Lewis Dot Structures, Bonding: Ionic, Covalent, Molecular Geometry, Chemical Equation, Formulas, Stoichiometry, Mole, Stoichiometry, Periodicity, Groups, Solutions, Solubility, Equilibrium, Kinetics, Acids and Bases, Oxidation, Numbers, Oxidation-Reduction, Electrochemistry, Gas Laws, Liquids and Solids, Energy, Thermodynamics, Nuclear Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Science, Materials, Chemistry Laboratory, Chemistry Safety, CBL,

High School Web Resources

definitions of chemical terms, chemistry help on the net, Periodic Tables, chemistry sites of general interest, chemistry link listings, data, constants and equations, tutorials on specific subjects, chemistry tutorials, (general, lecture notes, at high school sites, at university sites (elementary)), science publications, science museums, science search engines, general science sites, general science lists of links, biology sites of general interest, mathematics sites of general interest, physics sites of general interest, discoveries and inventions, astronomy and earth science sites of general interest, environmental science sites of general interest, humor, organizations, standardized tests, simulations, molecular modeling, projects, contests, AP chemistry, chemistry and food

Chemistry Math Web Resources

Dimensional Analysis, Units, Significant Figures, Scientific Notation, Accuracy and Precision, Ratio and Proportion, Graphing, Graphing Calculators, Spreadsheets, Prealgebra, Algebra, Miscellaneous

Education General

General Tips Study Skills Note-taking Listening Test Preparation Taking Tests Test Writing Objective Tests Multiple Choice
Essay Tests Exam Anxiety Scientific Method Problem Solving Critical Thinking Studying Science Studying Chemistry Studying
Studying Biology
Reading Science Scientific Writing Laboratory Writing Mathematics Motivation Time Management Procrastination Concentration Memory
Reading Reading SQ3R Reading Textbooks Underlining Writing Writing Essays/Papers Writing Centers Grammar Vocabulary
Spelling Plagiarism Research Speaking Interviewing Assertiveness Stress Depression Burnout
Groups Homework Online Learning Styles Tutoring International

Classic Papers from the History of Chemistry (and physics too)
Images from the History of Medicine (Chemistry Experiments)

Following table from Hillsdale College - www.hillsdale.edu

Elements Names
and Symbols

Electron Configurations
Orbitals and Orbits

Nuclear Reactions and
Half Life

Ionic Names
and Formulas

Nonmetal Compounds
Acids and Bases

Electron Dot

Line Notation

Molecular Shapes

Balancing Chemical




Functional Groups

Addition and
Oxidation Reactions



of Polymers







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