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Below are the best "basic electronics" learning books available.   


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Malvino Electronic Principles

Instructor's Manual for Malvino...  

Experiments for Electronic Principles... 

5 out of 5 stars Excellent/Easy to Comprehend/Succinct, April 2, 2000
Reviewer: Bonnie Pereida from USA
I feel this (Malvino's Electronic Principles) is the best book on Electronics I have ever read. It is easy to understand, comes right to the point and makes you feel so at ease with the subject.

I think the book is outstanding because it explains transistors better than any other book I have ever read. Rather than a heavy use of formulas, Malvino relies on concrete explanations of the physical mechanism behind transistor action. On this foundation he then goes on to explain op amps, active filters, and many other advanced topics in the absolute clearest possible way.

 -You must have a good basic electronics text book that is easy to read and learn and includes everything in detail.  Our recommendation is the book, "Basic Electronics" by Grob.  This is an excellent textbook used by many high schools, vo-tech institutes, colleges and universities throughout the United States.  This book is easy to understand by anyone.  The illustrations are clear and include worked out problems. 


 Avg. Customer Review: 5 out of 5 starsalso see....>Mathematics for Grob Basic Electronics





  The Art of Electronics







  The Art of Electronics Student Manual







ARRL 2006 Handbook







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1. High-Power Audio Amplifier Construction Manual
by G. Randy Slone, Randy Slone. Paperback
2. Digital Signal Processing: Principles, Algorithms and Applications
by John G. Proakis, Dimitris G. Manolakis. Hardcover
3. There Are No Electrons
by Kenn Amdahl. Paperback (November 1991)
4. Fundamentals of Digital Logic and Microcomputer Design, Revised Edition
by Mohamed Rafiquzzaman. Hardcover
5. Cmos Circuit Design, Layout, and Simulation (IEEE Press Series on Microelectronic Systems)
by R. Jacob Baker, et al. Hardcover (January 1998)
6. Design with Operational Amplifiers and Analog Integrated Circuits
by Sergio Franco. Hardcover
7. High Speed Digital Design: A Handbook of Black Magic
by Howard W., Ph.D. Johnson, Martin, Ph.D. Graham. Textbook Binding
8. Marketing High Technology : An Insider's View
by William H. Davidow. Hardcover (June 1986)
9. Application-Specific Integrated Circuits
by Michael John Sebastian Smith. Hardcover (June 1997)
10. The Circuit Designer's Companion
by Tim Williams. Paperback (October 1993)

The Art of Electronics -- Paul Horowitz, Winfield Hill (Contributor); Hardcover
Understanding Basic Electronics -- Paperback
Basic Digital Electronics -- Alvis J. Evans; Paperback                                                    

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