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PAGE 1 INDEX:  1. Introduction  2. Identify Pond Organisms  3. Taxonomy

PAGE 2 INDEX:  4. Paramecium Links  5. LINKS  6. Books/Video  7. Micro-photos

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Paramecium biaurelia
BioMEDIA Classics - Paramecium introduction
Structure of a paramecium
Paramecium tetraurelia
Sum yourself up in a single cell
Department of Biology : University of Vermont
onald Cronkite
K(+)-channel transgenes reduce K(+) currents in Paramecium
MSN Encarta - Cell (biology)
How are Paramecium classified? : Biology information from Answerbag
Yahooligans! - Science and Nature:Living Things:Biology:Microbes
Document: Image Gallery Cell Biology 06
[PDF] Biology End-of-Course Examination Administered Spring 2002
Phagosomes and Basic Cell Biology of Paramecium
Paramecium Projects Fall 2001 Biology 105X University of Alaska 
[PDF] Biology of Protists video and DVD guide.
[PDF] Sonneborn T M. Methods in the general biology and genetics of 
Sonneborn Mss. Courses
.: Department of Biology: Karl J. Aufderheide
WARD'S Natural Science: Paramecium Caudatum Cultures
Methods in the cellular and molecular biology of paramecium.
Cell Biology Message Board
Genome Biology | Research news
SAT Biology Test Prep Message Board
Biology, Life Sciences and Health Educaton Microslides - American 
Carolina™ Biology Series: Paramecium
Developmental Biology Online: Inheritance in Ciliates
Tracy Morton Sonneborn, October 19, 1905—January 26, 1981 | By
Ion channel Literature - K(+)-channel transgenes reduce K(+ 
Paramecium Summary - Paramecium Information
[PDF] 2005 FASEB Summer Research Conferences Ciliate Molecular Biology


Euglena's Home Page. VBS Home Course Navigator Protist navigator 
The Euglenoid Project: Euglena, Euglenida, Euglenophyta
Euglenophyta, Euglena
Protist Images: Euglena
Nikon MicroscopyU Movie Gallery: Euglena rostrifera (Protozoan)
Protist Movies: Euglena
Molecular Expressions Digital Video Gallery: Pond Life - Euglena
Euglena - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
ITIS Standard Report Page: Euglena
Structure of a euglenaBotany online: Light - Phototaxis - Sensory Transduction in Euglena
Microscope - information about microbes
Euglena anabaena
Euglena - Droplet Photo Gallery
BIODIDAC - Protista Mastigophora Euglenophyta Euglena - BRIE013P.jpg
Euglena Anatomy
euglena: Definition and Much More From Answers.com
Stock Footage of Euglena protists moving - Search Motion Digital


BM Gallery - Biology Classics: Daphnia
Daphnia Genomics Consortium - Welcome and Introduction
Daphnia 1
Daphnia 2
Daphnia 3 [Home page]
Daphni 4
Environmental Inquiry - Bioassays Using Daphnia
Water fleas
Daphnia 5
Classic Daphnia
Daphnia Magna
Daphnia Genomics
Daphne_Ng's Xanga Site
Cladoceran Web Site: Cladoceran Taxonomy: Daphnia
Nikon MicroscopyU Movie Gallery: Daphnia (Crustacea)
Daphnia, fresh water crustacean (arthropod)


Learn about "Light and Color"  micro.magnet.fsu.edu/primer/lightandcolor/index.html

Bacteria list of links.
Boston Museum of Science Electron Microscope Images

University of Illinois - College of Medicine - Human Tissue Microphotographs

Making collections
Microbiology tutorial.
Microscopic life in water
Setting up a microscope lab
Staining cells
Use a scanning electron microscope  
Wet mounts
The PBRC Biological Electron Microscope Facility -- University of Hawaii
MicroAngela -- by Tina Carvalho, University of Hawaii
Molecular Expressions: Powers of Ten -- National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Florida State University
Molecular Expressions: Interactive Electron Microscopes -- National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Florida State University
Microscopy Virtual Library -- Excellent Microscopy Resources
Journey into the Cell -- Rockefeller University
Introduction to Practical Light and Electron Microscopy -- Book on the Principles of Microscopy
Microscopy Society of America -- Excellent Educational Resources
Microscopy Educational Resources K-12 -- Good Educational Resources
Iowa State University Scanning Electron Microscopy -- Details on How the Scanning Electron Microscopy Works
Microbe Zoo, Michigan State University -- Microbiology Tutorials
Center for Algal Microscopy and Image Digitization -- Bowling Green State University (BGSU)
Microorganisms - Photomicrographs -- Buckman Laboratories
Microscopy-UK -- The Home of Amateur Microscopy on the World-Wide Web
Museum of Science, Boston -- Scanning Electron Microscope Tutorial
The Nanoworld Home Page -- Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis at the University of Queensland
New York Hall of Science
The Private Eye
STM (Scanning Tunneling Microscopy) Image Gallery -- IBM Almaden Research Center
The Virtual Microscope -- Multimedia Enabling Technologies Group and the Department of Earth Sciences, The Open University
Visualizations of Viruses -- Institute for Medical Virology, University of Wisconsin
Algae www.bgsu.edu/departments/biology/algae/index.html
Algae planeta.clix.pt/nunog.dias/algario/frameset.html
Algae ucjeps.herb.berkeley.edu/rlmoe/tioc/ioctoc.html
Algae www.botany.duke.edu/chlamy/
Diatoms www.bio.umassd.edu/farlow/farlowintro.html
Protists Phylogeny megasun.bch.umontreal.ca/isep/isep.html
Phycologists www.upe.ac.za/botany/pssa/pssanet.htm
nongeniculate coralline algae www.botany.uwc.ac.za/clines/
slime molds www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/protista/slimemolds.html
algae and cyanobacteria  webtest.jcu.edu/mcp/
protist genera megasun.bch.umontreal.ca/protists/protists.html
resources on Protists
red algae www.alphazee.com/a/algae/algae.html
algae and Seaweed sseaweed.ucg.ie/seaweed.html
fungi, algae and lichens www.nrm.se/kbo/
algae www.botany.uwc.ac.za/algae/

LINKS TO BIODIDAC  http://biodidac.bio.uottawa.ca/Thumbnails/samples.htm


Chlorophyta Charophyceae Chlorophyceae Ulvophyceae
Ciliophora Kinetofragminophorea Oligohymenophorea Polyhymenophorea
Mastigophora Euglenophyta Pyrrhophyta Zoomastigophora
Sarcodina Actinopoda Rhizopoda
Sporozoa Apicomplexa

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Unraveling DNA : The Most Important Molecule of Life - Maxim D. Frank-Kamenetskii; Paperback

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How to Know the Protozoa
by Theodore L. Jahn

Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours.
Paperback 2nd edition (August 1979)
WCB/McGraw-Hill; ISBN: 0697047598
Amazon.com Sales Rank: 160,491
Avg. Customer Review:
A Well-Respected Classic

A readers review:
Reviewer: Brenna Lorenz (heptune@ite.net)    May 6, 1999

This book is perfect for the serious amateur who is interested in identifying and understanding the protozoa. It is extensively illustrated with meticulously crafted pen-and-ink drawings, and the author gives us instructions on how (and why!) to make good drawings of our own. The book is technical enough to be useful, with the technical terms carefully defined and explained. The coverage of the organisms is thorough and practical, given that to key out protozoans much further than the family level requires professional training. This is the most useful book I have found so far in my quest to identify the microscopic organisms.

A Guide to MicrolifeGuide to Microlife - BOOK

See larger photo

A readers review.  

5 out of 5 starsAn excellent photographic guide to use with students.
Reviewer: Jana McFarland from Austin, Texas      October 28, 1999

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