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Microscopy Laboratory Journal 
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INSTRUCTIONS:  Every scientist should record their laboratory work in detail in their own handwriting in ink.  Any drawings should also be rendered in ink.  This is especially true if any work would lead to legal requirements at a later date.  Each laboratory journal sheet should be signed in blue ink and witnessed by a person familiar with the work documented on the journal page.  The pages should be hard bound, not loose leafed.  You can bind the pages together with staples, book tape, and appropriate glue.  If the work is for home amateur use only, and no legal documentation will ever be required, the pages may be filled in with a pencil and stored in a three ringed loose leaf notebook.

To view the blank journal page click on the blue title below.  You may then print (it prints best in color) the page or right mouse click on it and save it as a GIF file to your hard drive.  To return to the home page left mouse click anywhere on the microscopy laboratory journal page or use your browser back button.

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