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The Art of Outdoor Photography : Techniques for the Advanced Amateur and Professional    Astrophotography for the Amateur
Basics of Video Lighting
Graphis Amateur Photography 1
Photographing Wildflowers : Techniques for the Advanced Amateur and Professional  
Pisces Guide to Shooting Underwater Video/a Complete Guide to the Latest Techniques and
The Traveler's Eye : A Guide to Still and Video Travel Photography

Astrophotography II : Featuring the Techniques of the European Amateur
Private Realms of Light : Amateur Photography in Canada, 1839-1940
Snapshot Versions of Life
Snapshots : The Amateur Tradition in Photography
Beginner's Guide to Super Eight Film Making
Capture a comet : an amateur photographer's guide to Halley's Comet
The First Photography Book
Inside Amateur Photography (Batsford Cultural Studies)
The master handbook of still & movie titling for amateur & professional
Master Handbook of Still and Movie Titling for Amateur and Professionals 
Outer Space Photography for the Amateur
Photographing Waterfowl : Techniques for the Advanced Amateur and Professional
Photographing waterfowl : techniques for the advanced amateur and professional 
Photography for the serious amateur
Secrets of Glamour and Nude Photography : A Complete, Illustrated Guide for the Serious Amateur of Professional
Skyshooting : Photography for Amateur Astronomers

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