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What is a robot?  A robot is any device that can move on its own.  The simplest robot is a toy car with wheels that can move on its own.  More complicated robots can be controlled.  Some robots are remote controlled by cables or radio waves and others have built in computer programs to do the controlling from some sort of software program.  Remote controlled model aircraft  can be considered robots.  The robot may have wheels or arms, or hands or many other very odd configurations.  Good robots can do useful work.  They can work in hazardous conditions where humans would not want to be.  Robots can take on many different configurations.

Want to build a robot?  Well, there are thousands of ideas already out there and hundreds of levels from the simplest non controlled robots to sophisticated space robots.  What level are you at?  Beginner, intermediate or advanced?  

Beginner: Start with your own unique idea.  Plan the robot on paper.  Build models from paper cut-outs.  Write a paper describing what your robot will be able to do.  You don't even have to build a working model.  This type of scientific thinking is common and a good exercise.  It's called robot designing.  Put your ideas on a large poster board.  Add drawings and models if you desire. You have now constructed a science project.  Follow basic science project rules - The design idea; how you think it will work, possible configurations of the design, what work will the robot be capable of accomplishing, how will it do it, and what are some possible construction solutions to your robot idea?


Intermediate:  An intermediate design would want to include remote control capabilities.  The robot should perform useful work.  The design should be written up in detail and include construction instructions.


Advanced:  Sky is the limit literally.  These robots will be remote computer controlled devices doing sophisticated work. Some may think and navigate on their own.  They may take on the general shape of a human, aircraft, helicopter or any other strange, odd configuration.


For additional information, visit:

* Stanford's Center for Design Research, http://link.abpi.net/l.php?20040713A6

* Univ. of California's Poly-PEDAL Lab, http://link.abpi.net/l.php?20040713A7

* NEW!  Click HERE for latest breaking "Robotics"  NEWS.

Build a REAL robot and learn about microcontrollers and software.

Great for learning how to build and program a robot and the robot you build is GREAT!

Arrick Robotics --- Building Your First Robot
Hobby Engineering: Toy Robot Building Kits Section
Robotics News and Robot Projects - How to Build a Simple Robot
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Micro Actuators

Firgelli Technologies Inc. are developing Micro Actuators, possibly the smallest in the world, that are ideally suited to robotics applications

Wanted:  Students to Build Robots

Below are a few great books and robot web sites you can get ideas form.  Good luck!


Robot Builder's Bonanza, Third Edition (Robot Builder's Bonanza)
Building Robot Drive Trains (Robot DNA Series)
Constructing Robot Bases (Robot DNA Series)
Programming Robot Controllers

Order this book today.Book - 99 Inexpensive Robot Projects
McComb's book is the best introductory book I have seen concerning robotics. The projects are simple to build and gives the beginner an excellent foundation in robotics. The electronic circuits and theory presented in the book is easy to understand and work with. If you can build the six-legged robot in the book you can build anything!!!

Order this book today.

Stiquito : Advanced Experiments With a Simple and Inexpensive Robot

Invasion of the Bristlebots - THE ROBOT BOOK with all the parts to build a bristlebot shown in the video - By: (Klutz)

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